A Structural member that is designed to resist forces acting transverse to its axis is called a beam. The PCPack Beam is intended for the analysis and design of Rectangular, L-shaped, inverted –Tee, composite rectangular, composite L- shaped, composite inverted - tee shaped Precast/Prestressed beams with conventional reinforcements, Prestress strands or Combo for in-service condition. It provides the solution for a simply supported beam with two overhangs one on either side of the support for different loading conditions viz. Point, UDL and Point torsion dead and live loads with 3 different strand profiles viz. Straight, single point depressed and two-point depressed profiles.

The designs are based on the provisions of ‘Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-08) and Precast Design handbook 7th edition

Simple user friendly input screens along with graphical and text outputs make this software, an excellent tool to increase the productivity of the Engineers, builders and contractors in residential building industry.

pcpack - Beam