Parking structures constructed of precast/prestressed concrete are turning out to be the first choice for the developers and owners. The need for commercial and municipal parking spaces is increasing very fast. Since mostly the parking structures are located mostly in congested area, The construction period has to be small so that there is least disturbance to the everyday activities. The exposure conditions and use of the parking structures are quite rough.These structures are subjected to moving loads in addition to the static loads. Usually,the parking structures are open and, therefore, the structure is subjected to ambient weather conditions. In addition, the parking decks are in contact of the de-icing salts in snowy areas and salty air in coastal areas. Due to such exposure conditions, these structures call for considerations to ensure long time performance.

In the light of the considerations given above, the Precast/prestressed concrete is the right solution due to its inherent qualities as listed below: -

  • Smaller on-site construction period.
  • Better quality assurance at the plant.
  • Increased durability.
  • Larger span to depth ratio, and less material usage with prestressed concrete.

    CECSoft provides complete solution to the layout and design of Precast/prestressed Parking Structures. Developed by the structural engineers, the PLayout software is the tool to get the most efficient layout and make best use of the land. While designing the layout, the objective is to have maximum parking spaces without affecting functionality and ease of use of the parking facility Powered with unique features, PLayout 2009-7 provides the designer full flexibility to decide the layout. Once the layout is decided upon, another software tool PCPack 2010-5 designs the structural components, viz. Precast/Prestressed Concrete Structural Components viz., Slabs(Hollow Core, Solid and Double- Tee), Beams (Rectangular, L-shaped and Inverted-Tee), Columns, Wall Panels, Staircases, Connections, Foundations and Piles(Sheet Pile and Bearing Pile).