1. Why PCPack 2010-5?
a) You get quality, reliability and value for money.
b) It supports multiple documents interface (i.e. you can have multiple designs open at the same time).
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2. What is the uniqueness of PCPack 2010-5 ?
Output design changes dynamically on the screen as you change the input values.
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3. Does CECSoft have other design software applications?
For lumber components, use our framing design software. For design of the steel components, we can develop software on the user's request.
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4. Once I purchase PCPack 2010-5, how do I get the modified version?
Once you purchase PCPack 2010-5, modified versions are free for upto one year.
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5. Can I purchase a single module / group, instead of purchasing the whole PcPack 2010-5?
Yes,you can choose from a varity of module to suits your needs.
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6. Can you re-design PcPack exclusively to meet my requirements ?
a) Any specific module can be added, modified according to the user's request.
b) Any addition, modification in the output form would be incorporated on the user's request.
c) Element databases of modules would be changed on the user's request.
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7. The PCPack 2010-5 output does not show the intermediate calculations, but sometimes the client's insist on intermediate calculations. Can I get these calculations ?
These could be provided upon user's request.
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8. What value added facility can PCPack support ?
We can incorporate the following into your PCPack:
a) Automation of documentation.
b) Automation of administrative work related to design.
CEC Software applications already supports the above functionality.
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9. What is the minimum hardware and software requirement to install PCPack 2010?
Windows 95 / Windows NT/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows7 running on a Pentium machine both 32 bit or 64 bit.
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