PLayout software is for creating BOQ and 3D models for any size of rectangular Parking Garage.

It is a very useful tool for a sales person to do quick quote within 15 minutes by using this program.

Parking Layout Features:

  • Lot and Stall Information.
  • Cuts and Block out Information. Show block outs in all four locations.
  • Spans: Span Number and change the double tee sizes in each of them. Describe Cut in flange overhang. Symmetric Cut and Asymmetric cut.
  • Ramps: Starting Point and Ending point is between the Span group 3. Ramp Set Data can be used to change the bay numbers and se the ramp. Ramp can be in one bay or two bays.
  • Stair and Elevator data: Stair and Elevator box can be placed anywhere outside the parking Deck as per the current features. Size of the stair width, treads, landing width and thickness of stair flight and slab thickness.
  • Floor Data: Number of floors, Second Floor Height and typical Floor to Floor height details.
  • Handicapped Parking Stalls.
  • Ramp Wall Thickness, Column sizes for exterior columns and interior columns. Bottom of Column Elevation typical or could be grade level Elevation or Datum Elevation. No. of shear Walls tab needs to work.
  • Double Tee and ITB Sizes. L-Beam inputs not working right now.
  • Mostly typical connections that are an input for developing a 3D model of the garage.
  • Drain Data: Location of the Drains, and its slope. Auto calculation of elevations of key nodes.
  • 3-D Model can be prepared with input data in the program.
  • It can generate BOM – Bill of Material.
  • Elevation extraction out of 3D Model.
  • Floor Plan extraction out of 3D Model.
  • Show Inverted Tee Beam Module and its features. Convert it to DXF file and open the same in AutoCAD.